Sunday is the day of the flea markets. Every week there are other villages that organize something. For markets with regional products, you can visit Brantôme, Périgueux, Sarlat and Bergerac.

On Sunday there is a lot close to the big cities, but in St.Emilion you can have fun on Sundays. It is a tourist town, but definitely worth a look. The wine landscapes are protected as world heritage. Enjoy a wine tasting or lunch.


Bordeaux is a little further away from Chateau de Mavaleix, but if you leave early, do it one day. On Sunday there is a large market on the quays. You can picnic there and there are playgrounds for the kids. watch the museums, stroll through the streets, go for a drink, go to the opera or look for antique items in the quartiers of the brocanteurs.


Rent a bicycle (also with pedal assistance possible) and have it delivered to us. Enjoy the country roads in our neighborhood. At the end of the afternoon we like to listen to your adventure in our St.Hubert bar.


Other attractions are the Caves of Villars or Chateau Hautefort.

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