The Estate of Mavaleix

IIn the middle of the magnificent valleys of the 'Périgord Vert', near to La Coquille, lies the Castle of Mavaleix (Château de Mavaleix), built in the 13th century. The domain spreads over 60 hectares with its beautiful forests, gardens, small lakes, meadows, fields and rivers. It is the ideal environment for those that wish to relax, be at one with nature and enjoy the quality of the lifestyle offered by the French countryside.

As soon as you enter, the medieval castle will transport you back to the time of knights and lords, adventures and romance. On exploration of the beautiful greenery of the park, with its centuries old trees, you will also discover the castles large vegetable garden, the swimming pool, along with a boules pitch and tennis court.

The castle of Mavaleix is the ideal place for an overnight stay, to enjoy a gastronomic meal, to hold a buisiness meeting or seminar, to celebrate a marriage or other festivity, all in a beautiful environment.It is the place for all those that appreciate that special 'attention to detail'.

The Castle

In the Middle Ages the castle of Mavaleix was a fortress, built to protect the forges that were along the lenght of the small river 'La Valouze', against invasion from the occupying neighbours. The forges were vital as they produced weapons, instruments, keys and locks necessary for the nobility. The castle was, at the same time, the residence of certain "Master Ironsmith" who often acquired a noble title.
One of these illustrious residents was Nicolas-Emile Grenouillet of Mavaleix. This Master of the Forge, well liked within his entourage, was the mayor of the community of Chalais for several years. His imposing tomb, dating of the end of the 19th century, can be found hidden in the woods of the castle. This monument can be still be visited today, although his remains have been transferred to the cemetery of Chalais where one can admire a copy of his tomb.

Holiday Spirit

The historical environment of the castle lends itself to a place of relaxation in the middle of the large open space of gardens, forests, fields and ponds.
At Mavaleix you will relax and resource yourself in a natural, healthy environment with a family ambiance.

At any given moment you can take yourself off to a charming corner, read a book, enjoy a drink at the bar, have a game of boules or parktake in a game of tennis… 

Do not forget that the Dordogne is a region where there is a lot to discover and visit. You can take a canoe at Brântome (one of the most beautiful villages), visite the prehistoric caves of Villars, and stroll around the local markets and antique shops. Of course, there is a lot more to discover and we are available to advise you.

For children too, the castle is a real paradise; between the swimming pool, the farm animals and the park, they will meet friends from all over Europe.